Launched in September 2012, Arrows has been created for primary schools to introduce young children to archery in a fun and safe way.

It has been designed to be delivered by teachers and sports co-ordinators who have no formal archery experience or qualification.

This ‘mini’ version of archery provides teachers with child-friendly equipment and resources to get you started quickly and easily. Simple ideas for activities and competitions are provided that can be used in PE lessons, across the curriculum, in out-of-hours clubs and as part of the School Games. The equipment and resources provided make it possible for teachers to deliver archery in almost any setting in school.

Girl with Arrows kit at Saltram, National Trust                                               Boy using an Arrows kit

We have produced eight different activity cards for Arrows. These make it possible to introduce archery concepts and skills through fun activities rather than technical instruction. The activities enable you to use archery as a way of encouraging learning in other areas; for example, maths through scoring, literacy through language, and citizenship though cooperation and self-discipline. They are designed to be flexible enough for teachers to adapt them depending on the ability and age of the group. These activities provide an alternative and complementary way of developing movement skills (such as coordination, balance, and strength), and personal, social and mental skills, as well as archery skills.

Sharp shooters taking part in Arrows will only need regular PE kit.

We hope that once young people have experienced fun and active archery games at school through Arrows, they will be enthused to have a go at the traditional sport of archery. A competitive festival format is included with Arrows and this is the suggested competition format for the Primary School Games.

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There are different sized kits available, depending on the numbers of children your sessions will cater to. The costs listed are fully inclusive of VAT and delivery, and the kits include everything you need from the bows and arrows to targets, guides for teachers, and activity cards. Buy Arrows

Six Bow Pack 10 Bow Pack
Six bows 10 bows
21 arrows 33 arrows
Three double-sided targets Four double-sided targets
Six arm bracers 10 arm bracers
Guide for Teachers Guide for Teachers
Reference card Reference card
Eight activity cards Eight activity cards
Festival card Festival card
£511.00 including carriage £681.00 including carriage


‘Arrows is going down a storm in Halton! We’re using Arrows in schools that have signed up to the Halton London 2012 Legacy Programme. Archery (using Arrows) will feature as one of the sports pupils compete in on the day. Arrows is a brilliant concept that has added great value to the children’
School Games Organiser, Halton

‘We won the Shrewsbury School Games Arrows competition and came fourth in the County School Games which was great!’
Teacher, Mount Pleasant Primary School, Shrewsbury

‘The children love it and there is the additional draw to get people into the clubs as they can try the real thing’
Northamptonshire Sport, County Sport Partnership

‘Arrows is fantastic! The kit is brilliant, really good quality’
Club member, Romsey Archers

‘Our Arrows kits have been put to very good use over the Summer Holidays with some unexpected benefits! There are lots of 4-11 Summer Clubs and this year because we can involve the 4 to 7 year olds using Arrows bookings have rocketed! Taking the kit to fetes and family days has made the sessions a lot more inclusive and as a result we have had even more interest in the sport and parents wanting to do beginners courses! Use of this equipment is certainly laying down a long term foundation.’
Deer Park Archers

Arrows Young Leaders Award

The Arrows Young Leader Award prepares young people to become the driving force behind setting up and running their own Arrows Archery club.  Further information is available here

School Games Active Championships 2021

The School Games Active Championships is a fun, engaging national activity campaign for kids across the UK to get active. Utilising the cutting edge video-based platform powered by TopYa!, the School Games Active Championships is meant to be a new way to engage today’s kids, who are always using digital platforms on mobiles, tablets and computers, and transforming their time spent on-screen into time spent physically active.

Here are some example videos of how Archery is involved!