We are delighted to provide a new team archery competition format aimed at 11-14 year olds.

The aim of the School v School Competition is to engage more schools at L2 of the School Games and to encourage more local archery competition between schools.

The simple team format can be delivered in two hours (including set up and clear up time). The pace of the competition is quick, with an easy way to score to keep all engaged throughout.

Sign up the network now! Schools are encouraged to sign up register their interest to do the competition, enabling other local schools to see opportunities to compete nearby. A map will be added below to show locations of schools who want to compete.

For guidance on the competition and other useful templates including the registration form, please see the documents below:

School v School Competition – Guidance and organisation
School v School Competition – Registration form
Team Sign in Form
School v School Competition – Score Sheet EXAMPLE
School v School Competition – Score Sheet TEMPLATE
Taking part Certificate
Winner Certificate

There is the opportunity to create a local league using this competition format where clusters of schools are doing School v School Competitions. The Archery School Competition Leagues – Guidance suggests how the league could run. There is also a registration form for School Games Organisers to complete and return.

In addition to the competition templates available for the School v School Competition, download your League Record Sheet – Template and League Winner Certificate.

The School Games

The School Games is a celebration of competitive sport that involves all young people in years 3 to 13, of all abilities and backgrounds. Archery GB has worked with Youth Sport Trust to develop competition formats for intra and inter school competition at primary and secondary levels. We believe that by supporting schools and their networks to deliver the School Games more young people will also be introduced to archery and enjoy further opportunities through clubs.

The School Games is made up of four levels of competition:

Level 1: Intra-school competition, culminating in a School Games day

Level 2: Regular inter-school competition between schools at a local level

Level 3: Annual county/area culmination of inter-school competitions – School Games Festivals

Level 4: National multi-sport event

Case Study: Archery in the Gloucestershire School Games

Primary school competitions

Primary school competition formats are based on the Arrows Festival. Download your Arrows Festival overall score sheet and your individual team score sheets.

Secondary school competitions

Secondary school competition formats are based on traditional equipment. Activity must follow the Rules of Shooting.

Inclusive competition

An inclusive competition format is available and has been added to the School Games formats for you to use.


Archery School v School Competition Organisation and Guidelines
Archery School v School Team Sign In Form
Archery School v School Team Competition Registration Form
School v School Competition – Score Sheet Example
School v School Competition – Score Sheet Template
Archery School v School Taking Part Certificate
Archery School v School Winner Certificate
Arrows Festival Individual Team Score Sheet