Improve Your Game

Looking to Improve Your Game and be bow fit? Look no further!

We have introduced a campaign called Improve Your Game.

Improve Your Game is a series of informative articles, blogs, and videos. They will be created by archers, for archers. It is aimed at all levels of archers who want to improve, learn or develop within our wonderful sport. We will be covering as many topics as possible across the year.

Every Monday we will release content to help as many of you as possible with the different topics. Throughout the year, we will cover topics for recurve, compound, barebow, and longbow, target, 3D, clout and field, with para and able-bodied elements. We will also be incorporating elements of strength and conditioning to help guide with that side of the sport, which can sometimes be overlooked.

These articles, blogs, and videos will be available to everyone via our website and social media channels, and also in Archery UK.

If you would like to help us and fellow Archery GB members with writing an article, please get in touch with Sophie Meering on and let us know what you would like to write about!

Improve Your Game

Setting Goals for Your Year

How to Pick Your First Bow

Health Benefits of Archery

How to Shoot Clout

What to Expect at Your First Tournament

Why Field Archery is the Most Fun

How to Aim An English Longbow

Why Team Shooting is Essential

How to Boost your Club’s Profile with Social Media

How to Write a Shot Routine

How to Gap Shoot: Part 1

How to Gap Shoot: Part 2

What Sports Compliment Archery Progression and Why?

How to tie in a Peep Sight

Head Position for Beginners

Prepare for a Pathway Weekend

How to Stay Focused While Shooting

How to Stay Motivated

How to plan a Productive Session

Staying Positive During Covid

How to Stay Hydrated and Fuelled While Shooting

What it takes to be on the Olympic Squad

How to Set Up a Barebow

How to aim a Barebow

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