Education to community links

Creating strong links between archery clubs and education establishments is essential in ensuring young people enjoy archery within their school, college or university, and in their community at a club.

Archery GB recognises the growing demand for education centres, particularly schools and colleges, to introduce archery to their pupils. This places demand on clubs and coaches to ensure they can provide a high-quality experience.

Education establishments are keen to offer different activities to pupils and students compared with the traditional sports that are available in many cases.
The information provided here is to help clubs identify how they can develop local links with schools, colleges or universities.

Benefits from creating an education-club link

  • Greater numbers of young people participating in the club
  •  Increased membership in the club
  •  Increased number of coaching opportunities
  •  Increased number of young volunteers in the club
  •  Increased accessibility to school, college or university facilities
  • Greater accessibility to funding to further develop the club and its volunteers/coaches
  • Increased profile within the local community
  • Increased profile within the sports community

Case study: School-club link

Deer Park Archers, in Cheltenham, increased the number of young people taking part in archery through the delivery of after-school sessions, resulting in many young people joining the club.

Developing an education to club link

There are other organisations that can support your partnership. County Sport Partnerships can help you to contact local establishments and identify if there is a demand for the sport. They can provide ongoing support and guidance and may be able to offer financial support, particularly if you are looking to set up a satellite club. The satellite club model is popular and Sport England has developed a useful toolkit for you to use.

In developing a new link, or strengthening an existing link, there are some useful key steps to consider.



Case study: School-Club links Deer Park Archers