Range Assessment & Range Assessors

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All Archery GB clubs, Counties and Regions need to ensure they have registered the ranges they wish to use.  Each range registration needs to be renewed every three years, which means most ranges need renewing in summer 2020. Any members who shoot at ranges not registered will not be covered by Archery GB insurance.

Range Assessment & Range Assessors

Owing to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus outbreak, we recognise it has not been possible to arrange Range Assessors to visit ranges, and may not be possible for a number of months. Therefore Archery GB has extended ALL range registrations by a further four months: please check your range expiry date online. Ranges can be renewed from two months before the expiry date.

The online registration system has been designed to establish the future facility needs of archery across the country. It provides us with information on location, shooting capacity, access arrangements and Rules of Shooting compliance, which will help Archery GB to be able to better support clubs with their facilities. It will also allow Archery GB to:

  • Assess the needs and demands for the sport
  • Access external funding for facility work
  • Help the public find the right club and shooting range for them
  • Improve our internal processes and procedures
  • Help clubs respond to planning applications with a potential impact on a range
  • Answer queries related to planning issues

Clubs are asked the first question about whether the range complies with the Rules of Shooting. After this, they are asked to complete a short survey on their facilities, to enable Archery GB to build a picture of the number of clubs that meet the minimum standard of the facility strategy.

Registering a range

Please read the Guide to Range Renewals and the Archery Range Registration process.

Please self-assess your range against the Archery GB Rules of Shooting, and enter whether the range complies with the rules, or does not comply.  For ranges that do not comply, they will need an Assessment: please contact Archery GB to pay the assessment fee of £50 (plus VAT), and Archery GB will link you with a local Range Assessor.

Records of ranges no longer used need to be kept, but can be marked as lapsed, or left lapsed after three years, but do please contact Archery GB to confirm this.


When registering a range, please choose whether or not you wish the range to show on the Archery GB Clubfinder, shown here. To show accurately on the Clubfinder, a recognised address and postcode must be selected chosen from the drop-down menu provided online.  You can also enter contact details online in the ‘locator preferences’ section under the Membership records of your organisation.

Click here to register a range. If you experience difficulties logging on to your members’ portal please email

Appeals Process

A club or event organiser can request a re-assessment if they are not happy with the original assessment outcome. Please contact the membership team who will arrange for a different Assessor to visit (

The costs of this reassessment must be met by the club or event organiser in line with the range assessment process. If after a reassessment the original assessment is overturned, Archery GB will reimburse the reassessment fee on request. Should the original decision be upheld then the decision is final.