New Places for Target Faces

Archery in Great Britain is growing fast, our membership is at an all-time high with over an 85% increase over the last ten years and a third of that increase happening within the last couple of years.

Thousands of people attend ‘have a go’ archery events at activity centres, holiday parks, game fairs, outdoor shows and tourist attractions across the UK. It’s a sport that appeals to all ages and all abilities and demand is high.

Making archery more accessible

New Places for Target Faces – is a new programme developed to make archery more accessible by opening up new archery venues around the country. Research has shown that current archers would like to shoot more often, but they are restricted by the availability of facilities. It also shows that there is a considerable demand for new archers to take up the sport. New Places for Target Faces has been designed to address both of these issues.

The programme has been specifically designed to assist sport facility owners and managers, by providing advice, support and resources to help them deliver archery for the first time. “We want to make it easier for people to take part in archery, whether they are an established archer or a novice and in order to do that we need to increase the number of venues that can deliver our sport”, says Archery GB Head of Development, David Reader.

A step-by-step guide to delivering archery

Archery can be delivered in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations and even small spaces can be used to deliver the sport effectively. When you have never offered the sport, it can seem a little daunting about how to start, but this new programme offers a step-by-step approach to help the venue operator get started.

Advice and support around logistics, equipment and programme set-up is offered by the easy to follow resources. New Places for Target Faces has been designed with the facility owner in mind, one who has no experience of archery and with no assumptions made. Within a few weeks a new venue could be offering an archery experience to new audiences and appeal to both children and adults. Archery can be delivered on a variety of sporting venues including indoor sports halls and multi-use games areas and not just on the traditional playing field.

Alongside side easy to follow advice and tailored support, an additional benefit for venue owners and managers who become involved in the programme is that they can apply to Archery GB for a start-up grant of up to £1000. This can be used to purchase equipment or train staff in the delivery of the sport.

Individuals or organisations who would like to register their interest in the programme can email our development team: or phone on 01952 602795. The programme is open to any indoor or outdoor facility owner or manager.

New Places For Target Faces Brochure