Policy and Procedures

The Board itself creates and maintains a Policy Framework that sets out the high-level outcomes that the Board wishes to achieve.

These are implemented through the Chief Executive who creates, with his team of staff and volunteers, detailed policy and procedures.

To oversee this work, the Board appoints Directors as champions to review and monitor the separate areas of the Policy Framework.

The Policy Framework can be downloaded below along with other important documents relating to our policies and procedures.


Archery GB Governing Body Endorsement Requirements 2021-22
OPP-00-02cm Archery GB Policy Framework
OPP-13-01 Conflicts of Interest Policy and Procedures
OPP-12-02 Whistleblowing Policy and Procedures
OPP-11-02 Fraud Prevention and Detection Policy and Procedures
OPP-10-02 Data Protection Policy and Procedures
OPP-08-02 Customer Complaints Policy and Procedures
OPP-07-01 Health and Safety Policy and Procedures
OPP-06g-04cm Code of Conduct – Smoking
OPP-06f-01 Unacceptable Behaviour Procedures
OPP-06e-02 Code of Conduct – Anti-Bribery
OPP-06d-02cm Code of Conduct – Spectators Parents and Carers
OPP-06a-02cm Code of Conduct – Adult Archers
OPP-03-02cm Equality and Diversity Policy
OPP-01a-02cm – Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures
OPP-01a-02cm – Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures – Incident Report Form
OPP-01-02.1cm Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy and Procedures