Sporting Regulation

This area is overseen by Erik Rowbotham (Elected Non-Executive Board Director)

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OPP-06a-02cm Code of Conduct – Adult Archers
OPP-06b-02cm Code of Conduct – Young Archers
OPP-06c-01 Code of Conduct – Coaches, Judges and Officials
OPP-06d-02cm Code of Conduct – Spectators Parents and Carers
OPP-06g-04cm Code of Conduct – Smoking
Proc-04-01 Archery Range Health Safety Guidelines
Proc-06-02 Code of Practice for Archery Events
Proc-07-01 Procedure for Archery GB Head-to-Head Events
Proc-08-01 Tournament Organiser’s Handbook
Proc-13-01 Archery GB Funded Archers Procedures