Archery GB Partners

The Archery GB Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020 has as one of it's key strategies the aim to generate additional income and reduce reliance on external funding.

As you are probably aware there have been some recent changes in the way that Archery GB receives it’s funding from Sport England and UK Sport.  As an organisation we now need to actively explore opportunities to gain support from the wider archery community and beyond. Going forward it is unlikely that we receive the same level of funding from these organisations.

Archery GB has begun to look at alternative revenue streams and we have initially turned to our friends and colleagues within the wider archery industry. Many of these companies were created and are run by individuals who are passionate about archery and have over the years contributed hugely to the growth of the sport in the UK and beyond. We believe that a collective approach based on shared values and ambitions and not simply a transactional arrangement will suit everyone in the future. We are already in conversation with many people and businesses on this journey towards a more sustainable financial future.

We have already been successful with bringing in a number of affinity partners and we’ll be looking to increase the number and type available. Our aim is to work towards providing a menu of suppliers and services that will enhance your membership.  We hope that you are aware of the existing partnerships we have with Volvo Cars UK and the Cotswold Outdoor Group, more information is available on the Membership Benefits page.

In the coming months, our newly appointed Commercial Manager Will Peel will be continuing to develop our existing and new partnerships with a view to adding value to all those involved.

Finally, if you work for, or know, any business which would have an interest in being involved with archery, then obviously we would love to have a discussion.