Types of Archery Tournaments

In target archery, there are two basic types of round shot - metric and imperial. More detailed information on these is given in our Rules of Shooting document, and a link to that can be found in the Useful Resources page later in this section.

You can choose to shoot whichever round you prefer. It doesn’t matter if you shoot a round listed for a different age group or gender, and adults can shoot a junior round if they wish to (although they may not be eligible for any competition awards). What matters is you’re shooting the round you want to, and that it’s one you’re comfortable with.

Metric Rounds

These are what you see shot at the Olympics, World Championships and tournaments abroad. They are shot using the rules of World Archery (the international federation for archery), they use 10-zone scoring and are a little more formal, with stricter regulations and timings in place.

Imperial Rounds

These tend to use five-zone scoring and are governed by the Archery GB Rules of Shooting. They commonly fall into ‘families’ – groups of different rounds held on the same field, at the same time, in which all involve the same number of arrows but at different distances. This means that you can choose the round that best suits your ability.