How to enter

All entries will be taken through an online platform with links available on the website, please be aware it could take up to 48 hours to receive QR code and scoresheet. (See below)

If you are entering more than 6 people a spreadsheet will be available to download on the Archery GB website which must to sent to Please note the spreadsheet can only be accepted if all required fields are filled in.

For the January Challenge – please send the spreadsheet and additional questions to

You will need to enter your scores through the Ianseo app, along with submitting your entry on the link below.

Postal Entry link


Scoresheets will not be asked for, scores will be taken on good faith. Archery GB will however ask for scoresheets if a score is questioned. All winners will also be expected to show their scoresheet prior to the final result publication.

Bow types eligible for all postal competitions 

Barebow, Compound, Longbow, Recurve


Only Archery GB members may enter the postal competition series

January Challenge


Portsmouth (archers may use either a full or 3 spot face)

*Golds are 10’s for this challenge

Entry dates

All scores submitted must be shot during January and entered into the system no later than the 5 February.


Archers will be split by bowtype and gender within each of the categories below:

  • 1 year in archery or fewer
  • 25 years in archery or more
  • Under 25 years in archery

Summer Metrics


Short metric

Entry dates

Scores submitted must be shot in July and August. To register, please use this link . You will need to allow up to 48 hours for the entry to be processed and a QR code to be sent.


All categories will be split by gender, age (where appropriate) and bow type.

*Please note archers must shoot their age group or above, archers cannot shoot a round below their age group. The age of the archer on the day the score is shot will define the age group.

  • Short Metric – Seniors
  • Short Metric – Masters (in line with the 1440 masters category – masters category for over 50’s only)
  • Short Metric 3 – Novice archers (any archer who has shot for less than 1 year)
  • Short Metric 1 – Boys under 18
  • Short Metric 2 – Boys under and 16 and Girls under 18
  • Short Metric 3 – Boys under 14 and Girls under 16
  • Short metric 4 – Boys under 12 and Girls under 14
  • Short metric 5 – Girls under 12

Scores submitted can be taken from the shorter distances shot where appropriate in a 1440 or metric round. Please be aware that if you use the spreadsheet, this data will not be uploaded onto ianseo until the end of the competition.

More than one entry will be allowed, and the archers highest score used for the final results. You will be asked to indicate if you have entered the postal before so that we can remove a previous result. Please be aware that you are allowed to shoot over 2 days due to time restrictions. You will also need to print the scoresheet off twice to submit.

Thank you

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped make this possible:

Declan Ashworth

Helen Woodcock

Maxine Palmer

Ian Clark

Nick Beeson


January Challenge (2022) Group Score Entry