National Indoor Championships

The 2021 National Indoor Championships venue is TBC.

Recurve, Compound, Barebow and Longbow

 Round – World Record Status – WA18

 Recurve and Compound shoot on a vertical 3-spot 40cm face. Longbow and Barebow archers will shoot on a 40cm full face.

The top 32 of each gender after qualification in the recurve and compound disciplines, will progress to the WA indoor match round.

Longbow and Barebow matches will only take place if 4 or more archers have entered the competition.

Numbers for cuts will be indicated after entries are released.

 Session A – 08:30 with 2 ends of practice

 Session B – 11:30 with 2 ends of practice

Head-to-Head matches will start as soon as possible after qualification is completed.


 There will be 176 spaces per session.

 Only 1 session per entrant is allowed.

 The hall will be laid out with a lot more space than previous years with only 44 targets.

 Athletes are not to enter the shooting area until their session time begins.

 We ask spectators and coaches to follow same safety rules and allow space for competitors.

Entries open: 18 October 2021 at 7pm

National Indoor Championships Results Archive

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