About Coaching

When we talk about coaching we’re including coaches, instructors, mentors, coach developers, and anyone else involved in helping people achieve their archery goals.

As clubs rebuild from the impact of Covid, we’re encouraging more people to come forward and develop coaching skills to support new and current archers.

Learn about coaching

Medals and records are nice to have, but most coaches want to be remembered for having a positive influence on someone’s life.

It’s for this reason, why being a coach is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.

We’ve recently made some big changes to make it easier to learn about coaching.

Our approach

Coaches are at the heart of archery, and it’s our ambition for all archers to have access to positive coaching experiences. Our role in this to provide an effective system to support coaches in their development.

We have created our learning offer for coaches based on the following principles.

  1. High quality. We strive to provide content that is high quality, relevant and engaging, whether online or practically. This is why we always turn to specialists in the design and delivery of content.
  2. The power of peer-to-peer learning. We recognise that coaches learn a lot about what they know from other coaches, not courses. This is why we set up an online community for coaches, called Learning Curve.
  3. Independent learners. It’s coaches that need to have the most control over what, how and when they learn, and our job to provide this flexibility in our offer. This is why we now have modular based learning.

How can you develop as a coach?

No matter what point you’re at in archery, you can use our programme to create your own learning journey.

If you’re thinking of taking a role in coaching, or already have one, take a look at our ‘Learn to Coach’ guide to find out more about how you can develop your skills and knowledge.

Pick a module and learn with others online

Archery GB offers modular learning. Build your own learning journey based on what skills and knowledge you want to develop.

Achieve a qualification

Many of our online modules count towards becoming qualified. Attend the remaining in-person training and complete the Supported Practice and Coach Presentation module to achieve the qualification.

Practice coaching in your club

Get experience and stretch your skills, learn from others, and work with a mentor to give you support and encouragement.

Refresh your knowledge, quickly

Use our short online micro courses to get up to speed on topical issues.

Be part of the coaching conversation, anywhere

Be part of Learning Curve to connect with others, hear the latest news and discover fresh content.

Be recognised to coach

Trusted coaches are at the heart of archery. Get your Coaching Licence to be fully recognised as a coach and maintain a safe sport. Being licensed is really important because it shows others that you meet the minimum standards that are expected when teaching others and holding a position of trust. As a benefit of being licensed, coaches have free access to Learning Curve.

Coaching plan (2017-21)

The Coaching Plan for Archery has been developed in consultation with coaches, members, and partners. It is part of a broader movement in sports coaching to rethink what it means to coach.

Figures show that a third of all people who don’t play sport say that a coach would encourage them to start. Good coaches inspire people to get active and stay active – they accompany others on a journey of improvement, helping people to progress faster and further than they could on their own and, importantly, keep them coming back.

The full coaching plan can be downloaded below.


Coaching Plan for Archery 2017 – 2021
Code of Conduct – Coaches, Judges and Officials