Organise a Course

Course Organisers are important and valued in the training of coaches. At a local level, we want to ensure that enough coaches are getting trained to supply archers with the coaching they want.

COVID-19 has caused us to change the format for course delivery to integrate online learning and a centralised booking system.

Our courses are now split into modules which coaches purchase separately. Instead of organising a whole course, Course Organisers are now asked to organise the practical (‘in-person’) based modules which occur locally rather than online.

To effectively fulfil the role of Course Organiser, you need to have a good understanding of the local need for coach training, good organisational skills, and be able to promote events to potential applicants.

Whilst it may be advantageous to have coaching experience, this is not necessary. The best Course Organisers are efficient, helpful, and aware of what makes events run smoothly. A Course Organiser can be anyone from within the archery or sports community that recognises the need for more archery coaches to be available in their area.

Please read the guidance below to find out how to set up an in-person coaching module.