Coach Licence Renewal

We recognise that coaches work hard to achieve their coaching qualifications, and with that a licence to coach in Archery GB affiliated clubs.

We encourage coaches to remain active and maintain their standards of coaching. However, many people are facing challenging work, personal and financial situations due to COVID and being able to dedicate time to coaching has not been possible. We understand this and want to help make it easier for coaches to return to their role when they are able to without feeling penalised or unfairly treated.

We have received a number of enquiries from coaches and County / Regional Coaching Organisers who are concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on coaching. We have shared our responses to these questions below, to help guide coaches and coaching organisers.

What is Archery GB’s priority when it comes to coaching?

This is an unprecedented time and our priority is on supporting coaches in archery to keep doing what they love. Coaching is a great means to connect with others and enjoy a sense of wellbeing, for both the coach and the archer.

Many clubs have experienced a significant loss in membership and so it is crucial that they have recognised coaches who can help them rebuild their membership base. Licensed coaches are needed more than ever to provide have-a-go’s, beginner courses, and on-going opportunities to be coached in the club.

How is Archery GB supporting coaches?

In the last year we have had to suspend in person training courses and we have worked hard to provide alternative opportunities for coaches to engage online instead. Many of these opportunities can be considered as ‘informal learning’ or ‘social learning’, which doesn’t directly result in a qualification being achieved. However, this does not make the learning any less valid!

Our approach is to encourage coaches to engage in all types of learning; formal, informal and social. This is underpinned by our provision of Learning Curve which promotes the community aspect of coaching, and also how we have restructured our coaching courses into modules, which allows coaches to have more control over what topics they learn about and when.

As an example, we have recently launched the Empowering Archery workshop. This is an excellent stand-alone workshop that all volunteers can access and find useful, and it also doubles up as a module towards achieving a coaching qualification. So, by completing Empowering Archery, you will be one step closer to attaining a qualification, if that is what you want to do.

I have not joined Archery GB this year, but plan to in 2021/22. Will my coaching licence still be valid when I re-join?

When you re-join Archery GB next year, your coaching licence can also be reactivated, so that you can continue coaching from where you left off. When you re-join Archery GB please look at your membership profile to check if your coaching licence has lapsed. If it has, simply follow the usual renewal process via your County Coaching Organiser.

I have been able to continue my development as a coach this year, but mainly through online learning. Does this count towards renewal?

Yes! We are really encouraged by the number of coaches who have engaged with online learning opportunities this year. From joining webinars, online workshops or simply engaging in conversations on Learning Curve; many coaches have been active in their personal development during COVID-19.

We encourage coaches to continue their development through online opportunities and submit this as part of their renewal.

I am a licensed coach and have not been able to coach or invest much time into developing my knowledge this year due to COVID-19. Can I still renew my coaching licence at my current grade?

County and Regional Coaching Organisers are responsible for renewing coaches locally. Archery GB asks County and Regional Coaching Organisers to demonstrate absolute flexibility towards coaches renewing their licence in 2021 and 2022, regardless if they meet the usual requirements or not.



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