Judging Pathway

The Pathway

In the UK there are several tiers of judging, which are supported by a programme of training and improvement at each level. Through the programme, you can reach national levels of judging in archery and could even go on to judge at international events such as the Olympic Games.
Judge training starts at Candidate level and goes up to National level. After this, there are opportunities to qualify as a Continental judge and then as an International judge working on behalf of the international governing body (World Archery).

The Tiers

Each tier provides judges with different opportunities, based on their skills and amount of experience.
The entry tiers into judging are designed to help people learn and develop judging skills. Candidate and County judges work as part of a larger team of judges that is headed by a Regional or National judge.
Regional judges are eligible to be the senior official at British National Record Status events, at which British records can be broken, while National judges can be the senior official at an event in the UK at which world records can be broken.