Intro Archery

If you have never tried archery before or would like to get back into it, Intro Archery is for you!

Learn to shoot

Intro Archery is a fun and easy way for beginners to have a complete introduction to the sport, in just six lessons.

On an Intro Archery course you’ll be taught how to shoot so that by the end, you will be confident:

  • Selecting your own equipment
  • Shooting using barebow and freestyle technique
  • Playing mini matches, games and scoring
  • Applying the safety rules

Intro Archery guide for participants – find out exactly what’s involved.

To find a course near you, please get in touch with your local archery club using our Club Finder.

Having mastered the basics, you can then start putting these skills into practice – ready to go to the next step in archery!

Organise a course

Intro Archery is organised and promoted locally by clubs and other sports providers. Full details about how to set up a course can be found in the guide below, which also comes with a promotional tool kit to help you advertise your course.

Guide for clubs and organisations

Promotional Toolkit

Use our free promotional tool kit to help you advertise your course and recruit participants.

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  • Intro Archery Certificate



Intro Archery A Guide For Clubs & Sports Providers