What is Ontarget

ontarget is Archery GB's club development programme. The programme first launched in 2010 and aims to equip grassroots level archery with the structure, vision and support it needs to help the sport and its participants flourish and grow.

What is ontarget?

ontarget is Archery GB’s club development tool which is a free service that clubs can sign up to with the aim of developing your club for the benefit of your members, surrounding communities and archery as a sport.

By engaging fully with ontarget and the development pathway, clubs can enable better retention of members, reduced rate of churn and a positive, exciting atmosphere generated from within the club that provides for an improved quality of experience for everyone involved. In short – the right activities, for the right people at the right time.

We wish to reward those clubs who are working hard and to support those who would like to develop further.

Joining the ontarget programme will offer the following benefits:

🎯 Development – This is the important part of ontarget. Clubs are able to access resources to develop and enhance the club and its offer of archery. The main resources in this area are the ontarget Specialisms.

🎯 Specialisms are our main focus with regards to development. There are 3 specialisms in the ontarget programme, these are:

Each of these has a set of criteria that a club has to achieve to be rewarded with the title of a specialism. Most clubs will meet certain aspects of these criteria already. The ones they don’t meet are where the development work is required and should ultimately make the club better and provide a greater experience for its archers. When signing up to ontarget a club doesn’t have to obtain or work towards a specialism, but it is strongly encouraged to consider them.

More information can be found in our Learning Curve Hub once a club has signed up to ontarget.

🎯 Recognition – We recognise clubs for their commitment to joining ontarget by publicising club names and their achievements, promoting clubs to partners, schools and the local community, and by organising annual awards celebrating club and volunteer successes.

🎯 Rewards – A rewards programme is available for clubs to access on joining and at stages throughout the scheme.

We also need clubs to engage with us to understand what they require support with!

Immediate tangible benefits include, and not limited to:

  • Support with funding applications to external providers
  • Subsidies for workshops and seminars
  • Entry to the ontarget Club Competition
  • Learning Curve – our main online resource for club development. Here there is support for all manner of club development topics which include guidance, resources and templates for all manner of subjects. There is also direct access to other clubs through direct messaging where you can ask open questions and access a vast network of resources.
  • Topics on learning curve. Club Development, ontarget, Funding
  • ontarget resources – welcome pack
  • Admission to ontarget Awards
  • Dedicated Regional Development Officers

Sign up – How to apply

It is free to join ontarget and the process could not be simpler. All you have to do is complete the application form. available in the Club’s Profile of the Membership Portal (Sport80). Find the Attributes tab and there will be an option to add ontarget as an attribute. *You will need access to the Club Profile to do this. Archery GB | Login (

All UK archery clubs affiliated to Archery GB can join ontarget. If you require any support please email and one of the team will get back to you.

*ontarget subscription lasts for 5 years. At the end of this period a club is asked to renew their ontarget attribute to understand if that club are still engaged with the programme.